terms & conditions

let's cross off the t's and c's shall we

we don’t disclose our customers personal details to anyone at all

once you have booked, you are accepting our terms & conditions

our drivers are polite and careful, and will not tolerate any abuse

we will not be held responsible for delays to deliveries beyond our control

it is the customers responsibility to take out insurance for the delivery if required

once the goods have been delivered we do not accept any further responsibility

full payment should be made to driver after delivery is completed (unless booking online by credit card)

a 50% cancellation fee applies if delivery is cancelled within 72 hours. This is reduced to 24 hours for sameday bookings

it is the customers responsibility to ensure that sufficient parking facilities are available and fully paid for

we reserve the right to refuse carrying any load that we feel is unsuitable, i.e awkward, delicate, soiled and hazardous items

customers refusing to pay for a delivery will have their details passed onto the "P & J recovery agency" who will charge extra

arrival times are estimates. circumstances out of our control may cause delays, we do not offer discounts for lateness

any additional loading and unloading time on top of time booked will be charged at £10.00 per 15 minutes for 1 man, £15.00 per 15 minutes for 2 men and £20.00 per 15 minutes for 3 men

vehicle cannot be parked illegally (i.e. double yellow line, resident permit holder bay, red route, bus lane, on top of kerb, loading/unloading restricted area, single yellow line)

if driver is forced to park vehicle illegally at customers request, £60.00 will be charged on the spot. If a parking ticket is not issued then money will be refunded at least 30 days later