drone delivery - skyCorridor®, robotic vans, segway robots, tubeCanal®, intelligent tracking

it's all coming soon and about time too! ...

drone delivery - skyCorridor®

the future of aerial delivery

robotic vans

roads will never be the same again

intelligent tracking

parcel tracking and communication

The technology has finally arrived and our team at deliverance (a TaxiVan.net company) are getting the skyCorridor®, robotic vans, tubeCanal® and intelligent tracking systems ready to provide a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective delivery service which will transform the way businesses around london deliver parcels and the means by which customers receive those parcels. We are actively searching for businesses (offline and online) that want to use our services as a delivery partner. Our disruptive technology is second to none, and we will single handedly overhaul the parcel delivery process in London! This has been a long time coming and the truth is that parcel delivery companies have not kept pace with technological development and as a result inefficiencies in the parcel delivery process in London has created bottlenecks for companies that are keen to expand. With the drive for lower emissions, greater efficiency, and the need to bring down underlying costs, deliverance provides your business a capability that could only have been imagined in science fiction. This is no longer science fiction, but a significant new reality.

"the train is about to leave the station and it's time to jump on board!"


Do you have a regular parcel delivery requirement?

This is your chance to join a significant new parcel delivery service that will allow you to raise your profile amongst your customer base. Unlike our industry predecessors, we are about to completely revolutionise the way parcel delivery has traditionally been done in London. Our highly advanced technology will be the enabler in making your business delivery process cheaper, versatile, efficient and most importantly cost effective. Partner with us now to help transform your business. Please contact us at: info@taxivan.net for further details.


Want to invest in a major business opportunity at the ground level?

A time limited investment opportunity has opened up to invest in our lucrative new parcel delivery business that will radically change the parcel delivery landscape in London. It is a revolutionary new concept that will indefinitely disrupt the current parcel delivery business model. The parcel delivery business in London is growing at a phenomenal pace due to a rapid increase in online business and our cutting edge business model is well positioned to grow with the demand. Please contact us at: info@taxivan.net for further information